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Anthropozik was born out of a desire to initiate innovative collaborations between anthropology and music development. In a context of increasing demand for collaborations and exchanges within creatives industries, we paves the way for stimulating ideas related to the belief of human encounters.


The anthropology of music is a research field developed but poorly accessible. Many researchers have been working for decades on musical practices, musician’s backgrounds, cultural circulations in globalization and audiences. These researches very rarely dialogues with stakeholders (producers, managers, event curator, specialised media, …) who are most of the time unaware of their existence.

Anthropology, as the science of human in all its aspects, constitutes the discipline which allows to document experiences, human histories, imaginaries and identity productions inscribed in contexts.

It provides a window to understand deeply from the inside, where statistics and big data offer interesting but overhanging and disembodied analyses.

Anthropozik creates the possibility to engage anthropology and music development in dialogue to build knowledge together.

These « thick » data will impulse innovations in several sectors inside music development and music documentation:

  • distribution and promotion,
  • streaming or downloading platforms,
  • production and management,
  • creation of an archive and documentation,
  • documentary films,
  • events and exhibitions.


Our platform wish to be a tool for accompagny the development of economic relations for creatives. We wish to make these qualitative data accessible. We aim to make a large contribution to an African music economy development, enriched by knowledge of its history, its evolution and its production of new imaginaries disseminated to the whole of humanity.

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